Market demand analysis- Ecommerce

Project status
Project start date
Not specified
Project posted
3 Sep 2014 20:53
Project duration (approx.)
44 Days
Budget (approx.)
US$34.17 / day
Area of expertise
Market Analysis

Objectives and Key Deliverables

We are seeking a person
with experience in assessing and quantifying the potential demand for a
tangible product marketed only via an e-commerce website.  The industry is art sold via the Internet
including mobile.   What needs to be
quantified is the total potential demand, in dollars, of this on-line market
and, from that, a segmentation of this demand by the various types of art
offered as stated in the third paragraph including giclee on canvas.

The product, which can
be seen at
is, succinctly, photos of vintage Italian jewelry known as micromosaics.  These photos are put on high quality artistic
canvas known as giclee art so they can be placed on the walls of homes and/or
commercial environments such as offices, hotels, and restaurants. 

The more well-known
competitors in the on-line art market are,, and
which offer a variety of original art, prints, giclee on canvas and posters at
various price points.  These firms have
been on-line for a number of years. It would be beneficial to obtain
historical, quantitative data on these e-commerce sites as well as any
segmentation, by revenue, of their product lines.  This, ostensibly, would assist in determining
demand for a giclee on canvas type product.

The distinguishing element
of the art on
is that it is unique in that it is derived from vintage jewelry.  Recognizably, this is a niche market and we
understand that every person will not be attracted to it just as some people
like jazz but not classical music. Our question is, before we spend substantial
dollars marketing this product on-line, what is the current estimated market
for this product in 2014 dollars.  As a
derivative of these findings, we want an assessment of our pricing, i.e., is it
accurate or should it be adjusted and why, as well as who the likely purchasers
are for this art product.

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