Market mapping and Landscape analysis for Wellness space in the US

Project status
Project start date
As soon as possible
Project posted
30 Oct 2018 16:57
Project duration (approx.)
25 Days
Budget (approx.)
US$21600 (fixed cost)
Level of Experience
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Area of expertise
Market Analysis, Strategy
Consultant location
English (Essential)

Objectives and Key Deliverables

o Overall objective is to assess the Wellness category in the US, in terms of key players, its strengths/weaknesses, potential partners and opportunity for a new offering.
Note: ‘Wellness’ includes physical, mental and social well-being. In this context, wellness does not include clinical health (e.g. primary care, hospital, prescription/drugs, etc.) but focuses on non-clinical Wellness (e.g. fitness, nutrition, lose weight, sleep, etc.)

o Based on pre-identified Wellness Segments (e.g. Fitness at Gym, Nutrition, etc.) which will be provided by the client, identify value chain and the key players in each step of the chain.
o For each identified player, build 1-2 slides characterizing its business: description, business model, brief history, market share, revenues and profits, investors, relevant recent news, etc)
o Estimate for each segment the level of competition (concentration/fragmentation, strengths, profitability, etc.)
o For the identified segments, estimate the level of attractiveness: size (provided by the client) and level of competition (concentration, strengths, profitability, etc.)
o Ideate, together with the client, a potential business model for NewCo, potentially covering several segments (client will provide guidance)
o Identify potential partners for the new offering and define key requirements for such partnerships to work (what each partner would provide, what it’s required to make the partnership work, etc.)
o Deep-dive on the segment ‘Fitness at Gym’: analysis of the players in this segment, identifying business pain points (e.g. retention rate for gyms operators, CAPEX), wants, emerging concepts or models launched or tried recently, M&A recent trends, etc.

For each segment:
o Identify overall market and technology trends (not only emerging niche trends but also trends affecting the overall market)
o identify and characterize emerging disruptive start-ups. Build 1-2 slides for each company characterizing its business: description, business model, brief history, market share (if available), revenues and profits (if available), etc
o Identify disruptive business models (e.g. bundling services, hardware and software as implemented by Peloton).
o Identify disruptive technologies (e.g. 3D body scanning by Fit3D Proscanner in the Nutrition-Lose Weight segment)
o Identify disruptive devices (e.g. connected mirror by in the Fitness at Home segment)

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